Rocket.Net Hosting Review

Rocket.Net Review 2022: Is it the WordPress Hosting Service that you need?

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Searching for a Review about Rocket.Net WordPress Hosting services?

Then your search ends here.

Even if you are considering or confused about making a decision about using their services then reading this might help you a lot.

Now in this Rocket.Net Review, you will find the amazing features they offer along with my  personal experience of using their web hosting service for almost a year.

Rocket.Net is a Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Service Provider and their monthly plans might look expensive as they come with a lot of Premium Kind of features like CloudFare Enterprise CDN, Web Application Firewall(WAF), Malware Protection, etc.

So if you don’t need such features and looking for a budget-friendly option I would suggest you check the plans of Hostarmada if you are just getting started.

Now let’s dive in.

What is Rocket.Net Hosting?

Rocket.Net Hosting

With WordPress being a popular Content Management System, there are a lot of companies offering WordPress Hosting Services.

But only a few good companies offer reliable hosting services with a Content Delivery Network(CDN).

Rocket.Net is one such company that offers Fast and Secure Managed WordPress Hosting Services to host your website online.

And all their plans come with Free CloudFare Enterprise CDN, through which your website will have quick loading times across the globe.

Whether you are a Blogger or  Business Owner, having a good site speed is essential to delivering a good user experience for your website visitors.

Because most people browsing online will just abandon the site without checking the content if it takes a lot of time to load.

This can badly affect the number of visitors that you might get from your SEO or PPC efforts.

Ultimately affecting the business revenue or leads from your website.

Moreover, Google Officially announced that Core Web Vitals and Page Experience will have a direct effect on the search rankings of the pages in the search engine results pages.

So it’s really important to have a fast-loading website than ever before.

And you must choose a good company to host your sites online.

 Otherwise, you will end up wasting a lot of time optimizing your website for better performance and loading times.

So if you are experiencing downtimes or facing performance issues I would suggest you test their hosting services.

They are currently offering a 1$ Trial for a limited time through which you can host your site and check the performance yourself.

Rocket.Net Pros & Cons:



My Experience of using Rocket.Net Hosting Services so far

Hosting servers are performance optimized for WordPress websites.

They have many amazing features that contribute to better loading times like Google Fonts Optimization, Brotli Compression, Automatic DataBase Optimization, etc.

Additionally, the CloudFare Enterprise CDN with 200+ POPs across the globe makes your website 

You can see the performance report testing my blog’s homepage below.

Blogging Rightly Performance Report using Rocket.Net

Even though they promised 99.99% Uptime, as per the Uptime Robot that I configured to monitor my site for downtime, my blog was never down so far in my case from 13th September last year when I migrated to their platform.

You can see the same from the image below where my site was down for the last time on 1st September.

Blogging Rightly Uptime Report

5 Most Important Things that I liked about using Rocket.Net WordPress Hosting Services:

1.CloudFare Enterprise CDN:

CloudFare is a reputed Content Delivery Network (CDN)  in the industry.

Many website owners use their free service for better performance and security that comes with a limited number of features.

But with CloudFare Enterprise you get access to many amazing features like Brotli Compression, Font Optimization, WAF, etc that are not available in the Free Plans.

These features will help you boost the website performance and protect your site with advanced security measures in place.

However, affording their Enterprise plan on your own is very expensive.

With all Rocket.Net hosting plans, you get all the features of CloudFare Enterprise at a low cost as the cost gets divided among all their users making it a great option.

2. Easy to use Control Panel Dashboard:

Control Panel Dashboard of this Managed WordPress Hosting Provider is super easy to use even if you are not a web developer like me.

You can check the list of domains that you host on their servers along with other information like disk usage, server locations, etc at a glance.

Whether you want to log in to the WP Admin of a domain or check things like backups, logs, etc of a particular domain, you have the options for the same next to the domain name in your dashboard.

If you are on their multi-site hosting plans like Pro or higher, adding your new domain to host on the rocket platform is pretty simple.

All you have to do is click on Create Site option from your dashboard and then enter some details selecting the Data Center Location of your choice from the list they share.

Currently, they have more than 9 Data Center Locations to choose from.

3. Automated and On-demand Backups:

Your website might break or not function properly at any point in time due to various reasons like plugin updates, deletion of database files, or any other.

Even if a small change in the settings or the addition of a new plugin can make your site non-functional.

So having a backup of your site is really essential and can give a lot of peace of mind as a website owner.

Because you can just restore the old backup and have your site function like before.

With Rocket Net hosting your site backups are taken automatically on a daily basis at a specific time.

Not just that, you can also take a Manual On-demand Backup just before you make changes on your site or do regular maintenance works.

All you have to do is go to the Backups section by clicking on Manage next to your website for which you want to take a backup or restore from the existing backups.

Currently, they have a 14-Day backup retention policy that I feel is good enough.

4. Customer Support:

They provide 24/7/365  support through multiple channels like Live Chat, Phone, and Email.

Whenever you face an issue or have a question to ask they are available directly through their team Live Chat and get your query answered within a few minutes.

I have reached out to their support many times for various queries and their customer service was really good even if they are technical queries.

You can get their help almost instantly whenever you face an issue.

Even if you are not their customer yet but got any pre-sales questions like choosing their hosting plans, I would suggest you have a word with them through their live chat.

5. Free Migrations:

Transferring a site from one hosting company to another might be daunting for you especially if you are from a non-developer background.

You might not be sure about the performance improvement or be confused if that breaks your site.

In this case, I would highly recommend you to contact Rocket.Net Support.

They offer Unlimited Free Website Migrations so you need not worry about this aspect at all.

In fact, they have migrated my websites to their platform for Free.

Moreover, once your website is migrated to their platform, they do provide the URL of your site on their platform so that you can test and compare the speed or performance with the site on your existing one.

This way you can make a better decision before making the site live hosted on their servers.

Rocket.Net Hosting Plans & Pricing

Rocket.Net Pricing

They offer 4 different types of plans as a part of their Managed WordPress Hosting Service.

You can get a Starter plan if you want to host only 1 website on their platform.

If you want to host multiple websites, then you have to choose one of their higher plans Pro or Business, or Enterprise depending on your requirements.

You can get 2 Months Off buying their yearly plans and get a better discount compared to buying a monthly plan.

However, if you want to test the speed of their hosting services and looking for a discount on their plans, I would highly recommend you to take advantage of their $1 first month Launch Special Offer.

This way you can see the performance and make a better decision about migrating your sites to their platform.

Final thoughts:

Using Rocket.Net for almost a year I can say that they are one of the best hosting service providers with an Experienced Customer Support team.

Their servers are performance optimized for better speeds and the CloudFare Enterprise CDN addon makes the websites load quickly across the globe.

So if you are still unsure about switching from your existing hosting company, try purchasing their monthly plan and experience it yourself.

After all, they provide free migrations so there would be minimal effort required from your side to migrate.

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