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5 Amazing Image Editing Tools For Bloggers That Can Help In Designing Online

Did you land here searching for Image Editing tools to design graphics for your blog posts?  

Then you have come to the right place.

Visual content like Images communicates better with people than text content. In fact, they help in attracting more traffic from Social Media and SEO.

So there is no wonder that many top bloggers get attractive images designed for their blog posts because of the various benefits of using them while blogging.

Benefits of Using Images In Your Blog Posts:

1.Makes Your Blog Content More Readable:

Content Readable

Irrespective of how good you write, reading too much textual content can be a boring task. Adding good visuals in your blog posts makes them easily readable for the visitors especially for the readers who just scan the content instead of reading every word.

2.Can Increase Your Search Engine Traffic:

Most bloggers rely on Search Engines for traffic because it drives targeted visitors free of cost while the pages rank higher in the search engine results pages. Performing Image SEO is one of the On-Page Optimization Procedure.

Adding ALT texts to the images you upload helps crawlers understand the topic of your content. You can rank higher in the search engines especially in the Image Searches ultimately helping in increasing your search engine visibility and traffic.

3.Drive More Social Media Traffic:

Being a blogger, you might be promoting your articles on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or any other popular platform. Whenever you share an article on these platforms, a preview thumbnail would be fetched by the platforms automatically.

Setting up a good featured image, your followers might visit your website to read the articles seeing the post thumbnails. Moreover, they might share your content as well. Ultimately you can drive more traffic from social media using good images.

Now as you got to know the benefits of using images in your blog posts, you might be facing various types of challenges like

  • Budget to hire a graphic designer for  blog images
  • Lack of experience in using advanced image-editing software

If you are facing any one of the above challenges, then Online Image Editing tools can help in designing images on your own easily.

Many of them don’t require you to have any experience in designing images. Mostly they have user-friendly interfaces and you can start designing easily when you sign up for their platforms.

So even if you don’t know how to design, you can design decent-looking graphics for your blogging requirements using these tools.

By the way, choosing them you don’t need to hire a designer or install advanced photo editing software on your laptop. 

In my journey as a blogger, most of the images used on this website are designed using an online graphic design tool. Before sharing the tools list with you, let me share with you some of the features that I look at while choosing an online design tool.

Features To Check While Choosing A Tool:


When you don’t know how to design at all, it would be easy to design an image picking a template rather than designing the image from scratch. So it is important to choose a tool that offers you a lot of templates.

2.Stock Libraries:

Finding the stock images and uploading them to the tool for editing is a time-consuming task. Many good tools have integrated free stock libraries like Unsplash from where you can easily search and use the images for your design.

In Paid Plans of the tools, you might get access to their own Premium stock libraries offering access to the images.

3.Icons and Objects:

Icons and Objects whatever the name may be inside a tool, adding them to your images can make them more attractive. You might be able to access illustrations, stickers, or shapes as well.

4.Ability to Upload fonts and images:

When you are designing images for a brand, you should always use the same brand elements such as fonts, colors, logos, etc while editing. But many online tools might not have the brand font available.

In such cases, you need to upload your font files and use the brand font for editing images. So it is one of the most important features to look at.

5.Supports Different Sizes and File Types:

There are a lot of standard sizes for different platforms like Social Media and it is tough to remember all such things while designing. Having all the standard design types listed inside the tool makes it easy for you to start choosing the right design type based on your requirement.

For example, if you are designing an image for promoting your blog post through Instagram, you must design in the Square format. This way you can select that format and start editing the image as per that size.

Depending on your requirements you might be needed to download the images in PNG or JPEG or any other format.So it is important to check the different file types the tool supports you to download the designed graphics.

Apart from the above-discussed features there are many other good ones like Resizing, Background Removal, etc discussing which can make this article too lengthy. So they are not described here.

Even though there are a lot of online graphic design tools, here I have listed only a few of them based on my personal research and experience. The best part is that most of the tools listed here in this article have a free plan.

So are you curious to know the online graphic design tools?

Let’s dive in.

Top Image Editing Tools For Bloggers:

Image Editing Tools

When I got started as a blogger, Canva is the first online design tool I have found. It is one of the most popular tools that anyone can use to design different types of visual content like Images, Presentations, Flyers, Infographics, etc apart from the blog images.

Even many graphic designers use this tool to edit images when no advanced editing is required.  Now you might be wondering is this tool is Free or not? 

Well, Canva is a Freemium tool offering a free plan. You can get started with that to design your blog images either from scratch or choosing one of the templates provided.  

However, when you upgrade to their Paid Plans you can get access to many useful features like Background Removal Tool, Premium Stock Images, Pro Elements, Resize, and many more. 

If you are new to designing, Canva also has a design school from where you can learn the basics of graphic design. 

Watch the following video in Hindi to know more about the features available in Canva Free Vs Paid.

Depending on your requirements you can upgrade to their PRO plan that costs $9.95/month/User or their Enterprise plan that costs $30/month/user when billed annually. This price is checked while writing the article. 

So what are you waiting for?  

Crello is my favorite tool after Canva because of many similar features available inside the tool for designing or editing images. There are a lot of templates to choose from, in addition to the backgrounds. You can add different kinds of filters to the images as per your requirements.

Key features include Photo Text, Video Text, Animated Objects. You can also create short videos for social media platforms using Crello.

Just like Canva, Crello is also a Freemium tool with a free plan. When you buy Crello Pro you would get access to their Premium Stock library giving you access to millions of Images and Videos along with the other Pro elements.

Easil is a powerful DIY Design tool that has many design templates. It has many advanced image editing features like Text Effects, Layering, and Grouping of various elements. It allows you to save and share templates with your team members.

Design approval workflow for team members is an important key feature available in the paid plans of this tool that is highly useful for graphic design agencies. Just like other tools, you can get access to templates, elements, illustrations, etc for editing your images professionally.

Easil has a Free plan along with paid plans but it would be better to upgrade if you are a graphic design agency as it unlocks team approval workflow, design resizing tool, access to more templates, and many other features.

Stencil is not that powerful tool for image editing as Canva or Crello but it is a simple tool that you can use to make decent images for blog posts. The stencil has a great icon library where you can find different types of icons related to many industries and most of them can be edited to change their colors. 

One of the key features available in this tool is that you can add Drop Shadow, Outline Color, Background color to the text you add on the images which are highly useful especially in editing images for social media platforms.

Stencil is a Freemium tool with both free and paid plans unlocking access to many premium icons and backgrounds. But unlike Canva or Crello, you can save only a limited number of images when you are on a free plan.

Relay That is a fantastic design tool when you follow a template style for designing blog images changing just a few elements like text or image keeping the other aspects like logo, brand colors the same.

You can create workspaces for different purposes keeping your images organized. A key feature available inside this tool is that you can get different types of title ideas for images making it easy to write compelling text on the images.

However, Relay That is different from other design tools when it comes to the flexibility of adding elements. You can add only a limited number of textboxes or icons to the images depending on the layout you have chosen that can limit your creativity.

Relay That is a completely paid tool without a free plan. When you are trying to create thumbnails or blog images or ad creatives with fewer changes required then it can be a game-changer saving you a lot of time.

Summing Up:

Online Image Editing Tools are the perfect choice when you want to design images yourself. Using the templates available in these tools you might be able to design better graphics for your blog posts even if you are not that skilled in designing.

As most of the tools listed in this article have Free plans, all you have to do sign up and get started with graphic designing. I hope this list is useful for you and let me know if you know any other tools in the comments.

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