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5 Amazing Free Resources That Might Help You Start Your Blogging Journey Now

Are you planning to start your blog and looking for free resources online to get started with blogging? Then this article might be useful for you as I am going to share with you some amazing resources that are being offered for free.

Getting started with blogging might seem overwhelming. There are many aspects to deal with like setting up your blog, keyword research, writing the blog content, link building, outreaching for guest posts, etc.

Especially if you are starting a blog for the first time then following a blogging course would definitely help you save time and blog better in the right way.

Here comes the first free resource that is a blogging course made available free for anyone to access.

1.Blogging As Business by Ahrefs Academy:

Ahrefs is a reputed SEO tool suite that is most popular for analyzing the backlinks of a website.CEO of Ahrefs, Tim Soulo has created a blogging course that covers many aspects related to blogging straight from choosing a niche to building backlinks by outreaching for guest posts.

This is an amazing course that has been sold for hundreds of dollars in the past and is freely available right now. You can learn keyword research, backlink building, strategies to drive traffic, and many more that can help you blog better going through the content of this course. You can check it out from here.

Affiliate Disclaimer:                                                                                                                       Some links on this page are affiliate links and you won’t pay anything extra clicking on those links. However, we might receive a small commission when you take an action clicking on them.

Learning Search Engine Optimization is quite essential for every blogger to drive traffic from the search engines.Doing SEO in the right way you might be able to attract a lot of visitors organically to your website without spending on advertisements.

SEMrush an All-In-One Marketing tools suite has got a course in their academy on SEO Fundamentals.The course instructor is Greg Gifford who is an expert in Search Engine Optimization.

Best part is that the course is FREE to enroll and learn.You can also get certified by completing this course successfully.Enroll in it from here.



By the way they also offer a Keyword Research Course with the same instructor.Finding rankable keywords and publishing content around them would make it easy for you to drive traffic to your website from the search engines.

If you wanna learn keyword research,would recommend you to enroll in their keyword research course.

Publishing amazing content is one of the best ways to attract more readers and build more trust eventually.So only there are many companies investing millions in producing valuable content for their prospects.

Hubspot,one of the most reputed companies in the Marketing Industry offers a Content Marketing Course in their Academy.Following this course you might be able to become better at your content marketing skills and produce great content for your readers.

This is a FREE course that also offers certification which can add value to your resume as well.Enroll in it from here


Google Analytics is a great FREE tool by Google that allows to track the visitors and their behavior on your website.Not just that you can also track the actions a visitor would take and measure the various Key Performance Indicators of SEO.

But for almost every beginner,Google Analytics dashboard is not that easy to use.Going through would help in learning more about the tool and use it in the right way without wasting much time.

So  the best resource to learn is from Google Analytics Academy.You can check the course from here.

Affiliate Marketing can be a great strategy to make money from your blog.In fact it is one of the major sources of income for many top bloggers.So learning about affiliate marketing you can build a proper monetization strategy to monetize your traffic and generate income through your blog.

Admitad,a well-known affiliate network is offering a FREE course called Affiliate Marketing for Beginners that can help you learn the basics of affiliate marketing and understand the terminology.Check it our from here.


Getting started with blogging might be tough for you. But going through the courses that are created by the experts which are usually step-by-step can help you gain great knowledge from them without getting confused.

I hope this list of free resources might be useful to start your blogging journey. Make sure to go through the content of the courses you get and implement the things you have learned so that you can have a good blogging career ahead.

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