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9 Easy Methods to Find Amazing Content Topic Ideas For Your Blog Posts

Are you struggling to find new content ideas for publishing articles on your blog? Well, reading this article might help you a lot. Because we are going to discuss some easy methods that can help you find amazing content ideas for your future blog posts.

Publishing quality content on your blog regularly is one of the important aspects to grow your audience and reach more people. But many bloggers like you face a problem when it comes to finding content ideas. Especially when you are planning to scale and publish many articles it can be a tough task taking a lot of time.

So to help you with this problem and find amazing content topic ideas faster, listed down some amazing strategies to find them easily.


Methods To Find Amazing Content Topic Ideas:

1.Keyword Research Tools:

Using keyword research tools in the right way you can get different types of search queries used, by just entering a seed keyword of your niche. This way you can easily get a lot of content ideas instantly leveraging the features of these tools.

Isn’t it better than random brainstorming and wasting time? Listed some of my favorite tools that you can use for this purpose to get content ideas

i.Keyword Tool:

One of the popular tools that you can use for free to research about a topic is the Keyword Tool. Entering your Primary keyword you can find different types of content ideas looking over the questions that are simulated in this tool.Just switch  to the Questions tab after making a search.

Keyword Tool Io

ii.Answer The Public:

Answer The Public is another awesome tool that can help you gain more content ideas. It can show you different types of questions simulating the auto-suggest feature of search engines like Google. This tool displays results under 5 different sections in which “Questions” is one that can show you a big list of questions.

Answer the Public

iii.Uber Suggest:

Using Uber Suggest you can get new ideas checking the questions tab after choosing the keyword ideas section. You can export them easily.

Switching to the content ideas section you can also understand the interest of the audience by checking the number of social shares or pins as shown below.

Ubersuggest Content Ideas

Just make sure that the term that you enter is broad enough so that you can get a large list of results. Going through them you would be able to obtain different ideas for your new blog posts.


2.YouTube Channels:

Do you know that YouTube is the most popular search engine after Google? So it is a great place to find new topic ideas. Even though YouTube is for video content, most YouTube creators just like bloggers try to create content that is useful for their viewers.

Just enter your niche keyword and go to the channels that appear on the top. Later go to the videos section and sort them by most popular. This helps you find the video topics in your niche that got a lot of views and engagement.

YouTube Popular Videos

3.Google Trends:

Google Trends is commonly used to get an idea about the trending topics in the industry. Though it’s not a powerful keyword research tool just like Google Keyword Planner, this can be used to find new ideas checking the Related Queries section after making a search.

Before you get results when you enter a keyword you would be asked to choose two options whether “search term” or “topic”.Remember both of them would give you different results so make sure to choose the appropriate one about which you want to know more.

Once you click on the search button, you would be able to apply different filters that you can choose as per your requirements.

Scrolling to the bottom on the right corner you would find the “Related Queries” section to get ideas.

4.Competitor Analysis:

Analyzing competitor blogs can be helpful in many ways for finding new topics to create content.Because they might have already done their research and created content around popular topics. So checking their blog articles you can also make a list of topics.

But never copy the content written by others instead focus on creating unique content around the topics that can be helpful for your readers. Additionally, you can get a lot of ideas by checking the comments on their blog posts especially when their readers are requesting a blog on a specific topic.

5.Search Engines:

Popular Search engines like Google can be very useful for topic research. You can find new topics or search queries used by the people while making a search. There are three ways in which you can use them to find ideas

i.Auto Suggestions:

Entering a keyword in the search bar of a search engine you would get different kinds of suggestions before clicking on the search button. When the search term “keyword research tools” was entered we got the following suggestions on Google.

Similarly, you can try on other search engines like Bing or YouTube for finding the new content ideas.

ii.Related Searches(Might not be found in all search engines):

Depending on the search engine you use, they might have a section named Related Searches at the bottom. You can find it definitely on Google or Bing search results but the name of this section might vary.

For example, here I have made a search for the keyword “best web hosting” in Bing and found the following in the related searches


Quora is one of the popular platforms that people use to get answers to their questions, especially from experienced people. You can understand the problems of your target audience and address them creating content around those problems.

Additionally, you can follow the expert’s profiles and check their answers to the questions related to your niche. So going through the questions and answers that are relevant to your niche, you would be able to find new topic ideas.

7.Twitter Search:

Wondering how Twitter can be used for finding new ideas? Well, you can get amazing ideas but many bloggers don’t know how to use it. You can make a  search for any keyword just like on other social media platforms.

But the interesting things about Twitter is the Advanced Search that allows performing a search based on the 

  • Words
  • Accounts
  • Engagement
  • Filters
  • Date

You can apply different kinds of filters based on your goals. The best part is you can find the trending articles shared based on the dates that might be less competitive to rank on the search engine results pages. Make sure to have a look and try leveraging this feature.

8.Google Analytics:

Many assume that Google Analytics is just for tracking the number of visitors to a website. But very few know that it can also help in content research as well. Just have a look at the top articles that are driving the most traffic to your website and create content around that topic from different angles.

For example, as my blog is the new best keyword research tools article was one at the top. Ignore the generic pages such as your blog or homepage even if you see them.

Additionally, you can also turn on Site Search Tracking by stripping most common query parameters such as “q” or “s”  from the View Settings when you have a site search feature on your blog.

This helps you gain new ideas by understanding what people are searching for after visiting your website. However, these strategies of using Google Analytics work only when your website is already obtaining visitors. So it’s not useful if you are just getting started.

9. Ask Your Followers:

This works great when your blog has a good number of followers on social media platforms like Instagram. You can make a post and ask your followers to know the sub-topics related to your niche around which they want to read content on your blog.If you have an email list, then you can send a broadcast to your subscribers and ask them.

Final Words:

Coming with new content topic ideas might be a time taking task especially when you are just brainstorming to find them. Using the above methods you might be able to come up with a lot of new topics or angles in less time. So start using them and create unique content for your blog readers.

Share with us in the comments if you know any other methods apart from the methods discussed above.

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